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Whatever you drive, and wherever you’re going, you can trust Hercules tires to get you there safely and securely. For years, we have proudly provided our customers with the promise of superior protection, so they can always drive with confidence. And we put our promise in writing. It’s simply an extension of the way we’ve always done business, putting our customers first and placing fairness and integrity above all. Because we understand what’s riding on your tires. And we want you to know you can count on Hercules to keep it protected.

LIMITED PROTECTION POLICY Hercules Tires Commercial carries a limited protection policy on most tires lasting a minimum of 36 months up to 84 months based upon the individual tire purchased or until the treadwear indicators become visible. Hercules will replace the tires free of charge due to a flaw in workmanship and materials within the specified requirements.
Workmanship & Materials Hercules Tires Commercial provides free tire replacement on most tires, due to a defect or flaw in the workmanship and material during the first 50% of usable tread life and will be replaced with comparable new tires without charge.
CASING ALLOWANCE & RETREADS Most Hercules, Dynatrac and Ironman brand tires from Hercules Tires Commercial carry casing allowances for one to three retreads due to a defect in workmanship or material during the specified retreaded life or specified length of time from the date of manufacture, whichever comes first. The Casing Allowance and Retread is based upon individual Limited Protection Policies.
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